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git clone https://github.com/recotak/recotak-framework.git
cd recotak
./install.py --all --no-confirm
cd ..
cd recotakd
./install.py --all --no-confirm

You're done.
Find more information here

Download Latest

Recotak XMAS Release 0.0.9-1:
Bugfix release, fixing some nasty error.
recotak-0.0.9-1 client
recotak-0.0.9-1 client signature
recotakd-0.0.9-1 daemon
recotak-0.0.9-1 daemon signature

Verify file integrity

Use key: KeyID 0x8006B30D6257D6FB

gpg2 --verify recotak-0.0.9-1.tar.gz.sig recotak-0.0.9-1.tar.gz
gpg2 --verify recotakd-0.0.9-1.tar.gz.sig recotakd-0.0.9-1.tar.gz


cd recotak-0.0.9/ && ./install.py --all --no-confirm cd recotakd-0.0.9/ && ./install.py --all --no-confirm Find more documentation over here

Download Alpha

Recotak Alpha Release: recotak-0 .0.8-1.tar.gz

Github.com setup is planned for the near future!


Recotak Talk @ bsides Hamburg 2014: Intro to Recotak by dash
Recotak Talk @ hack4 berlin 2014: Recotak - Usage and Enhancements by file

Recotak Intro Video ~ 18minutes of recotak usage
Filetype:webm | ogv | mp4