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Welcome to the home of Recotak!

We are proud to announce Recotak! An evolving hacking framework written in python.

What is Recotak?

Recotak is an client/server based framework for penetration testing. It's major parts are writen in python-2.7.
We have a lot of great features right now and a lot more are coming.


You can learn in the plugin section about modules integrated. If you are interested in
installation guidance or reading the code documentation go here. Download the latest release, get your questions answered
or contact us here! Wanna report bugs? Go here: https://github.com/recotak/recotak-framework/issues!


Want to learn about recotak? Besides having a look into the documentation section you can watch this video too:

Recotak Intro Video ~ 18minutes of recotak usage
Filetype:webm | ogv | mp4

Final words

Be Good!
Have fun!
May the packets be with you!